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Moreover you are in reach of major sites of historical and artistic-cultural interest of South-Eastern Sicily among which we recommend:

Selinunte – Quarries of Cusa (34 km);

Marsala and its salt-works (50km);

Mazara del Vallo (43 km);

Eraclea Minoa (35 km);

Scala dei Turchi (48 km);

Valley of Temples of Agrigento (64 km);

Caltabellotta, medieval town with an ancient castle at 960 m above sea-level (19 km);

WWF Nature Reserve “Torre Salsa” (38 km);

Other destinations, perhaps less known but not less interesting, are situated within few kilometers from our domain. We only mention the following few:

Archeological sites of Mount Adranone (20 km);

Ruins of Gibellina (42km);

Le Maccalube of Aragona (70 km).


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